soul of an ode 
it’s a staff that supports me when i’m broken down 
a salve that will cool me when i’m all burned out 
a key that opens up a silence secreted away 

sing to me sing for me sing into the black 
where the echos in the crevices are coiled for attack 
a chaotic choral overload 

play for me play and ply the talents that i lack 
patterns that i imitate i feel like such a hack 
fingers that won’t walk this road 

write to me write away and maybe i’ll write back 
words on pages queue until they grow into a stack 
come on help me break the code 

a major minor natural holiday 


bouquet of regrets the stench of stress gets to you 
no point of egress the walls they close in on you 

they murder your sleep but it’s ok 
they murder your sleep but at least they keep nightmares at bay 

time to start again no matter what has been 
don’t dwell on what’s lost or won from past trips around the sun 
time to start again no matter what has been 
repairing your broken heart is safer than falling apart 

like schrodinger’s cat you’re fine and you’re not 
the panic attacks they tie your stomach in knots 

extinguish the candle try not to get burned 
it’s such a struggle but that’s how you learn 
flying in circles forget who you were 
it’s all right 


hey are you pious like me? 
god really loves my tithing and my fasting twice a week 
hey do the sabbath with me 
god told me i am holy just like a pharisee 

hey are you biased like me? 
god loves all his children except for minorities 
hey run for office with me 
god tallies all the votes in the land of the free 

do not trust your nobles 
do not trust your princes 
do not trust your wealth 
the heart is treacherous (who can know it?) 
the heart is desperate (who can know it?) 
do not trust yourself 

hey hate to ruin your dreams 
god won’t bless your country your sweet home or your machines 
hey don’t want to sound mean 
god will not protect your troops or save your queen 



le soldat 
une fois défendue deux fois oubliée 
je n’aime pas la guerre je n’aime pas la haine 

je combats je me bats toujours pour toi 
je combats je me bats toujours, pourquoi? 
moi, je suis soldat 

marchant dans la boue courant dans les rues 
je n’aime pas la guerre je n’aime pas la haine 

moi, je suis guerrier 
j’ai tiré et tué pour une raison jamais connue 
je veux oublier 


igneous is the rock 
on the screen and in the pocket of the rich 
spin is in the air 
truth is mantled by the pandering inside 
pick one left or right 

they sell you an exclusive all for the rating 
dishonest and intrusive all for the rating 
prime time inducing panic all for the rating 
hot takes come off volcanic all for the rating 


every last time is like the first 
you’re in the space between these walls 
protected by your marble halls 
mysteriously jocular and emminently popular 
waiting for me 

you’re the one i wish i’d caught 
you’re darker than i ever thought 
haunting minds with subtle shines 
you seem to be who you are not 
waiting for me 

i see  you hiding in plain view 
and everybody loves you 
i see 

introduce you to my friends 
sometime before this moment ends 
i know there’s guile behind the smile 
another heart that’s on the mend 
waiting for me 

you looked at me like you always do 
i can’t keep waiting like this for you 
i’ll walk to the back of the line 
because i know you’ll be fine 
someday you’ll make me come around again 

north of sixteen  
you came to me on a cool march night like any other  
you said your piece then i watched you drive away  
said your goodbye  
sorry that i couldn’t save you  
you came to me  
didn’t hear what you meant to say  

bathed in exhaust  
closed your eyes and went to sleep  
innocence lost  
never could you find your way north of sixteen  

your laugh for me was just a mask to hide the maelstrom  
you said your piece  
i didn’t see your secret pain  
said your goodbye  
always thought i should have saved you  
your laugh for me wasn’t quite what you meant to say  

you were sixteen the last time that i ever saw you  
you were serene cold upon your plush repose  



you keep a part of yourself so hidden  
what do you think i’m afraid of?  
you can show me  

you tell me there is a pressure building  
i’m uncomfortable with how i’m feeling  
and how much too soon it’s over  

would you help me count the stars?  
would you help me write a song?  
would you like who i’ve become?  
this is what i’ll ask you when we meet again  

you’re afraid all of the world will judge you  
who do you think i would run to?  
you can trust me  



carry on  
lazy rainy morning is where i think you want to be  
static from the speakers and the droning on tv  
feel the fires burn and the tables turn  
and this will never go our way  
back to back to back to back i say  

i’ve got my athos, porthos, you could be my aramis  
spread your wings and find a way to carry us  
i’m no d’artagnan but i carry on  

intrigue in the palace and a dagger in your heart  
cardinal reservations because you don’t know where to start  
fill the felon’s role and take your toll with sabre and épée  
back to back to back to save the day  

all for one and rattle me delirious  
sands of time will find a way to bury us  
when we’re dead and gone call the carrion  



heliocentric (reprise)  
extinguish the candle the darkness appears  
walking in shadow while vanquishing fear  
sweeten the handiwork of bitter tears  
it’s all right  

rally round the choir  
tell the stars to hide their fires  
the darkness awakens you confusion is lifted  
time to start again no matter what has been  
repairing your broken heart is safer than falling apart  



ohio sky  
rain windy and gray strangest of days  
she looks the same and she waits in a green dress  
with baby’s breath gifted away  

there’s something so familiar in the gray/black/blue ohio sky  
the seasons blur and so do the years  
i can’t tell if it’s march or july  

high street in the dark dodging the bars  
looking at cars arm in arm  
she thought ahead  
and then she said let’s go away  

clear fairest in fall when after all  
wait by the phone for her call  
it never came she went away  

the seasons pass and so did the tears  
underneath the ohio sky  



¿te sientes amada con tu libertad?  
¿piensas que tu rumbo vale la pena?  
¿te sientes más fuerte con tu libertad?  
¿piensas que tu rumbo vale la pena?  

tu serás quién serás  
no te olvido jamás  

¿te sientes quebrada con tu libertad?  
solo me imagino como has crecido  
¿te sientes amarga con tu libertad?  
¿nunca te das cuenta de lo perdido?  

estas son las preguntas que no pediré  
solo me repito estas palabras  



looking through photographs  
exercise imagination  
open door to the past  
like a penny turning up again  
see the faces long departed  
hear the voices that i used to know  
looking through photographs  
say the names from all those years ago  

here the letters that i kept  
there a memory safe for keeping  
here a friend for whom i wept  
there a brother in december gone  
see the faces long departed  
say the names from all those years ago  
here the letters that i kept  
there the voices that i used to know  

call the roll for missing souls  
they are written in a ledger  
time will not erase them all  
i will see them in the ever  
peter shalie bill and marcus  
dee and carolyn departed too  
looking through photographs  
say the names from all those years ago  

see the faces that i used to know  
say the names from all those years ago